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Email deliverability monitoring for email service providers
Reseller API - Integrate our industry-leading testing services into your own products and applications
Customers select the ESP that offers best-of-breed deliverability monitoring and testing tools
What do your customers want?
• To know whether their email message reaches the inbox at major ISPs  
• To receive advance warning of spam filters tagging their email message as spam  
The Delivery Watch API allows your customers to test and optimize their email campaign. It also enhances the campaign reporting
feature in your application with detailed deliverability reports.
Our comprehensive one-stop solution is
offered as an API
The deliverability monitoring integrates seamlessly with your application so you can offer complex tools like ISP tracking and spam filter checks under your own brand name through your existing interface (using the same look and feel your customers are used to).
  Delivery Watch API offers you:
ISP Delivery Tracking
Spam Filter Testing
Delivery Watch tracks the delivery success of each email campaign at major
Internet Service Providers (Comcast, Verizon, AOL, etc.) and webmail services
(Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) in user-defined geographical regions. Real-time
reports show whether the emails reached the inbox or spam folder, or were
blocked entirely.
Test emails against today’s most widely used corporate and consumer
spam filters (Brightmail, Postini, McAfee, Norton, etc.). The report shows
which services or software tag the emails as spam and gives the reasons
  Delivery Watch API versus in-house:
• Immediate implementation:
no development time
• Cost effective  
• Unique expertise available  
• International ISP coverage
Monitoring inbox delivery at your local ISPs is not enough. Your customers send worldwide, so you must offer worldwide ISP coverage.
• High-availability, backed by SLA  
• Keep your developers available for core projects  
  Why Delivery Watch?
  Technical features
  Delivery Watch is a European leader in email deliverability solutions.
Our customer list includes the likes of and eBay.
1. An all-in-one solution: you get the full set of deliverability tools in one product  
2. Cost savings: our prices are 30% - 40% cheaper than the market average for similar products  
3. Fast and flexible: we do our utmost to address your specific needs  
4. International ISP coverage with dozens of ISPs worldwide  
5. Scalable resources that can handle any amount of deliverability checks you require  
• Lightweight RESTful API, data represented as XML  
• Support for a SOAP-based web service (available soon)  
• Simple client implementation, not bound to specific technologies or languages  
• Streamlined, single API for all tests and checks (ISP tracking, spam filter tests)  
• Comprehensive technical documentation available (reference info & examples)  
• Simple workflow allows easy integration into your business processes
- register test via API and get a list of target addresses
- trigger processing by sending a mail to these target addresses
- query test status, results & statistics via the API
• Results available within minutes  
• Technical support from our engineers  
• Service access is set up within a single working day